Hair Loss Treatment


 Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is now available for Hair Loss Treatment at our Clinic. This is a relatively new and promising hair loss treatment for both men and women with natural looking results.

PRP has been a new treatment for muscular and skeletal injury. In recent years this method is also widely used in cosmetic medicine for skin rejuvenation and for hair loss treatment.

PRP is an injectable autologous blood treatment where plasma with high concentration of platelets is extracted from the person’s own blood. Those platelets contain multiple growth factors are then injected directly into to the skin. Those growth factors then stimulate the growth and the regeneration of the skin tissue and its structures.

At the same time during the PRP treatment, other treatment methods can also be used: such as skin needling and injection of other hair growth products. This will also further enhance the treatment results.

  • PRP treatment can help you to prevent and to slowdown the hair loss process.
  • PRP can help you for the regrowth of stronger and thicker hair.
  • PRP can make your hair looks fuller and healthier naturally.
  • PRP treatment will not help the growth of new hair, and the only treatment available for this is Hair Transplant Surgery.


  • PRP for hair loss treatment cost about $400 per treatment.
  • In general, initial 3 treatments will be required (a month apart).
  • Thereafter a 6 to 12 monthly maintenance treatment is also required.

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